This Week's Top 10

Album Art Album Artist
This Is All Yours alt-J
This Is Cave Music Moon Hooch
Little Machines LIGHTS
Black Moon Spell King Tuff
Brill Bruisers The New Pornographers
Order of Operation Ausmuteants
Worlds Porter Robinson
El Pintor Interpol
Tension Girl Tears
Rips Ex Hex


KAMPer of the Week -- Ali Shareef!

A big ol congrats to our KAMPer of the Week, Ali Shareef! Ali has done the most CD reviews so far this semester out of any KAMPer!!! CD reviews are like the gas (or ethanol) of KAMP - they really keep us going, so thanks Ali for helping us chug along!! Check out some of his reviews (and others) under the Content section, and listen to his show on Wednesdays from 4-5 PM!

V for Vaselines

The Vaselines
Rosary Records

So The Vaselines are still around and better than ever. V for Vaselines is their latest album and it seems like a lot of artists are making more upbeat albums these days, and this is no exception. V for Vaselines is definitely more up and louder than their previous album Sex With an X. If you've never heard of The Vaselines here's a little info about them. They really influenced Kurt Cobain (Even though their style is vastly different from Nirvana), and Nirvana did a few covers of their songs. They opened for a few Nirvana shows, and again they don't sound too much like them.

Sounds Like: 
The Ramones, but less punk
Sounds Like: 
The Nerves, still less punk
Sounds Like: 
their not quite punk, but have punk roots ya dig?
Sounds Like: 
The New Pornographers
Ali Shareef
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