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The Veil

Simian Ghost
Playground Music

This album made me feel like I was floating around in a swimming pool eating cotton candy without a worry in the world. It's really dreamy and melodic and the songs sort of blend into one another and make it sound like one giant song.  The harmonies between the male and female vocalists are some of the best I have heard in a long time.  Their voices go together so well it's almost creepy.  I also really liked the drum work on most of the tracks, especially the second one.  Sometimes there were even some folky moments mixed in.

Sounds Like: 
M83 but on a countryside
Sounds Like: 
Joy Division but lighter
Krissy Baca
Date Reviewed: 

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Individ The Dodos
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Seeds TV On The Radio
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No Cities to Love Sleater-Kinney
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