No one knows the world of metal better than sophomore Andrew Trujillo, aka DJ Wild Horse. As our Metal Music Director, he is the man with the answers and his radio show never disappoints. Check out his interview below for some metal inspiration and then check out his radio show, Metal Health , every Tuesday from 3-4pm MST.

KAMPers of the Week: Tim & Emily

Tim & Emily a new KAMPers but have already brought so much love and warmth to the station! They're two of the nicest folks you'll ever meet, plus they like Joanna Newsom so you know they're good people. They'll be moving to Texas after the school year, so we're honored that they've shared some of their remaining time in Tucson with us and that we've gotten the chance to get to know them!

Guilherme Dias Gomes
Delira Music

This is a completely instrumental compilation of jazz tracks inspired by the sounds of Brazil. The cd begins with the first two tracks that both have an energetic, samba-esque feel. These are the tracks you would want to cook dinner to on a Saturday night before heading out. The rest of the songs dip more into a bossa nova feel; they have energy but are a little slower and smoother than the start of the cd. The whole disc has a very lounge jazz feel, I personally had to be in just the right mood to be able to listen to it.

Sounds Like: 
Joao Gilberto without words
Sounds Like: 
The backbeats of Ey Macalena
Andrea Lipp
Date Reviewed: 

This Week's Top 10

Album Art Album Artist
Next Thing Frankie Cosmos
Lost Time Tacocat
The Life of Pablo Kanye West
Junk M83
Human Performance Parquet Courts
untitled unmastered Kendrick Lamar
Welcome the Worms Bleached
Immortalized Disturbed
Flume LP Singles Flume
Pool Porches

Social Amnesia at Extreme Thing

Imagine being 17 again. You are too young for anything fun, but too old for anything (too) dumb. You are applying for colleges, maintaining your extra curricular activities, keeping up with your homework and making sure you still have something of a social life. 

Juventud Juché at SXSW

Juventud Juché is one of a group of new bands changing the face of Spanish music. They’ve only been making music together for three years, and they’ve already released two full length albums full of catchy garage rock songs on their bassist’s own label. As I watched them play, I noticed the four members of the band had the ultimate bromance—they were like a family on stage, and even when they got off, they all stood together with their arms around each other’s shoulders.