DJ Layla Nicks is one of the most unique and interesting members of KAMP, and is one of the most knowledgeable voices when it comes to all things hip-hop and R&B. For this week's DJ Spotlight we talked to her about what album she couldn't live without and her radio show, The Power Hour.

What’s your favorite KAMP memory?

KAMPer of the Week: Jacqui Kientzler

Jacqui is a new KAMPer with one of the most unique programs we have at the station! On her show, "Bringin' It Back", Jacqui plays nothing but vinyl records, and gives listeners an insight on the music, the artist, and its history! Tune in every Tuesday at 9AM and discover some sweet new tunes!

Adan & Xavi
Riot Act Media

This was only two tracks long but I really liked it. The first song is in Spanish and I unfortunately don’t speak Spanish but it was a very beautiful song. The vocals sounded far away and spacey but it was beautiful. The instrumentals were very complimentary and I would play it if I had a world show. The second song Heartbeat is in English and is just a good old fashioned love song. Similar to something you would hear in an 80’s heartthrob movie. But again – still very beautiful and I would recommend this album and this artist to really anyone.

Sounds Like: 
A Spanish speaking David Bowie
Sounds Like: 
80s pop music
Alexis Walker
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This Week's Top 10

Album Art Album Artist
Coasts Coasts
Purple Baroness
Rooms Heat
Leave Me Alone Hinds
Art Angels Grimes
The Young Souls Myka, Relocate
Silent Assassins Mike Lepond
V Wavves
Cinematic Mind Stands With Fists
Ceramic Milk Lines
KAMP wouldn't be what it is without the DJs that put their hearts and souls into making the radio station a vibrant, warm place where students can feel comfortable expressing themselves. DJs are the lifeblood of KAMP and their passion for music is unmatched; to celebrate this, a few of our DJs look back at 2015 and share their favorite songs and albums. Enjoy!!!
Emily Beiser's Top 16 Albums & Songs (in no particular order)
The beauty of music is that no one person experiences it the same as someone else, making every listen new and exciting. As people whose lives revolve around consuming and interacting with music, each staff member at KAMP has a different perspective of the music and moments of 2015. This uniqueness is reflected in the variety of lists below, we hope you enjoy!
Alt Music Director Molly's Top 15 (in no particular order)