old school heavy metal

White Wizzard
Self Released

"Storm the Shores" by White Wizzard from their album Infernal Overdrive is a blood-pumping, metal song that even people that aren't metalheads, such as myself, can enjoy. Personally, this single brought me back to my addiction to Guitar Hero 3. Like Guitar Hero 3, this single isn't too heavy for the masses and has exciting guitar solos that anyone will naturally feel the need to air-guitar through. Wyatt Anderson's clean vocals are more suitable for non-metalheads but they still pack a punch because of their energy.

Sounds Like: 
Judas Priest - similar instrumental sounds and both heavy metal; slightly less high-pitch vocals than Judas Priest
Sounds Like: 
Iron Maiden - similar vocals and instrumental; less bass than most popular Iron Maiden songs
Alli Gilbreath
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