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Events related to website, hardware, engineering etc....

Updated Site

If you havent knoticed the site has had some fundimental changes as of late. Because of this I am currently looking for bugs. If you find something acting weird on the site please email me at But most of all BEAR DOWN CATS!


Show Pages

Attention all Kamp DJ's, ever want to have YOUR OWN PAGE FOR YOUR SHOW!??!?! Well now you can, with Kamp's new Show Info Pages! Not only will making a webpage for you radio show gain you hundreds of new listeners and increased professionalism; in some cases, show pages have lead to affairs with celebrities. But don't take my word for it, see for youself:

                  Before                                                                                After

For a limited time only, Kamp DJ's can create their own show pages for the introductory price of FREE

       Simply click on the Show Info Page listing to see existing pages

                      once logged in click here to add your own show

                                If you are a DJ and still need to register, click here

                      If you aren't a DJ and are interested in becoming one click here


Secure SSL certificate

Since we cannot afford a recognized ssl certificate, I've installed a 'cacert' from  Most if not all browsers do not recognize cacert root certificates so you must add them to your browser.  Any and all ssl sites you view which are authorized from cacert will work and be securly encrypted.  However, you must make sure you trust each site you visit which has been validated by cacert.  For more information you can read up at:

Cd Review Database Up and Running

Yo Yo Yo, this is your friendly engineering director here to tell you all about our newest addition to Kamp.

The Cd Review Database is now working and though I am working to get it to work better its time to get it populated.

Go online now and submit your cd reviews to the database.From the start menue the databse can be found by clicking on the DJ Utilities tab.

      Also you must be a logged in Kamp member to submit a review 

                  but if you need to regester you can do that here by using your email

                              and it is recomended that you use your Dj name as your user name


Website/server updates!!

Over winter break I upgraded the web server and migrated to a newer codebase.  What does this means?

  1. No more manual HTML editing!  You still can but there is now a WYSIWYG editor.  Some pages remain html only (contact page for example).
  2. The show schedule, being the ugly hack it was is now a gmail calandar iframe... It's still a hack, yes, but you can use kamp's gmail to setup the calandar...  Actually don't set that up, use the one I've already setup on gmail.  Come and ask me if you don't know what i'm talking about.

Some Site Updates

This morning we all voted on changes and got stuff done! The site has been slightly rearranged.
The DJ Schedule that was under About Kamp is now Show Schedule and is directly under Home
There is now a DJ Utilities which has the Cd review sheet
There will soon be a link for information for internships

- Your Head Music Director and Engineering Director

Site Outage....

Kamp is now back after an unexpected server failure. I'll be moving this over to the new uatv/kamp server in the next week or two.

Total Outages

The streams and the website went down last night after a power anomaly took down some battery backups. Everything should be back up and going strong now. Certain features on the website have also been going out periodically as we have been fixing bugs and making updates. If you are having problems or something is broken, let us know. Thanks. Zack

Unforeseen site down time

Website went down for a few hours this morning. Scripting error on my part, I believe it's been fixed.

Kamp is back online!

Kamp's site has been updated!!! This should be much easier to navigate, edit etc.... I'll add a few more features over the summer, maybe a forum if i feel up to it. Tell me what you think.

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