Show Pic Titlesort icon Host(s) Show Type What You'll Hear Day of Week Show Time
The Amanda Show DJ Amanda Variety Alternative, Pop, Indie, Rock, the occasional Hip-Hop, RPM jam, or Broadway hit Thursday 3 PM
The Come Up DJ Public School Hip-Hop Hip Hop of the 80's, 90's, and today. Wednesday 9 PM
The Electro Show DJ Paris RPM Electronic Dance Music Monday 1 PM
The Emo Zone DJ Giampapa Alternative/Indie Emo/indie/emopop/midwest emo Saturday 10 AM
THE MISEDUCATION OF DJ ROY DJ Roy Variety Hip-hop, R&B, alternative, electronic, Beyonce, and more Monday 11 AM
The Revival DJ Kira Kat Alternative/Indie All things pop punk and filled with angst Monday 5 PM
the rundown locale kivi Variety david byrne filtered through dc hardcore while corridos play softly in the background Wednesday 4 PM
The Rush Limbaugh Show Brandon Serrano Variety hip-hop, alternative, music I like Sunday 6 PM
The Small Package John Chestnut Sports Talk about the week that was in wrestling along with awesome Video Game music. Thursday 8 AM
The Tempo Show Brieana Variety R&B, Hip-Hop, Blues, Trap, electronic, and everything with good vibes and good beats! Sunday 3 PM
The Zone ZanderZone RPM RPM/Dance Tuesday 1 PM
The Zone ZanderZone RPM RPM/Dance Tuesday 1 PM
Things That Happen At Night Jack Maloney Variety Rainy day tunes for desert dwelling dudes Sunday 7 PM
Toxic Optimism DJ Arizona T Variety Anything from classic rock to late 2000s emo trash bands Monday 6 PM
Triple Major DJ Hannah Alternative/Indie Alt indie, French pop, lo-fi indie, pop Tuesday 11 AM
Two Steppin' Country DJ Lynn Variety C