Show Pic Titlesort icon Host(s) Show Type What You'll Hear Day of Week Show Time
(G)Hib's Free Energy ΔG Variety Keep your ears open for anything and everything... Monday 3 PM
2 much tuna dj hoverhand/dj rinkyDink/stinky Variety weekly themes, ranging from the year of our collective birth to same names/different songs Tuesday 4 PM
a raisin in the sun dj raissen Alternative/Indie indie/alt/rock/reggae Thursday 1 PM
Alex's Show Alex Variety Music from a wide variety of genres, mostly independent. Tuesday 1 PM
All Sports Talk Jeff Malinoff Sports Sports and more Sports Wednesday 1 PM
Apocalypse Now DJ Lo$, GreeK DaKota, Shredded Buddha & Nancy Weiler Variety Dope music? We got you. Weird stories? We got you. Perception is reality. Love is an illusion. Death is certain. Lil Uzi Vert is trash. Thursday 6 PM
At the Mojo Hour DJ Mojo Variety Various scoops of music Monday 8 PM
ATLASES tot RPM modern electronic (trap/bass/dubstep) Wednesday 2 PM
B.4.D Music Sai Hat and Prince Ali Variety Riff Raff appreciation show Monday 12 PM
boba bumps DJ Nimbus RPM electronica, pop, nightcore, booty bass, ambient, techno Thursday 4 PM
Boba Bumps DJ Nimbus RPM electronica, pop, nightcore, booty bass Thursday 4 PM
Boosie's Bazooka Joe Memorial Hour, also Rodeos DJ Boosie/DJ Boosie 1.5 Talk just whatever Thursday 9 PM
BOOSIE,S FINAL RODEO DJ Boosie Doosie 1.5 and DJ Boosie Doosie 2 Variety everything you've ever wanted to hear about the rodeo Thursday 8 PM
Bridge & Tunnel Jake Calegari Variety Noise & fun Sunday 4 PM
Classified DJ Klass Hip-Hop Hip Hop/ Rap, Southern Rap, Smooth Hip Hop/ Rap, Conscious Rap Tuesday 6 PM
Classified DJ Klass Hip-Hop Hip Hop/ Rap, Southern Rap, Smooth Hip Hop/ Rap, Conscious Rap Tuesday 6 PM
Dazzle Ships Jakub Alternative/Indie Synthpop, New Wave, Hi-NRG Friday 11 AM
Doomsday Atom Bomb Baby Metal death metal, black metal, metalcore, rap metal, grindcore, heavy metal, just basically anything with a double bass drum Wednesday 11 AM
Elevator Music Mel World Jazz Jazz, funk, blues, and everything in between. Friday 6 PM
Everything Is Awesome Show DJ Lil' Hands Variety Mostly an alt show but I play all types of genres and classic rock Tuesday 5 PM
Exposed Water Sel Variety A mix of different music, predominantly Hip-Hop and RnB Sunday 2 PM
Game Point Leonard Moody and Noah Sonnett Sports The hottest NBA stories around the league. Wednesday 8 PM
Golden Hour DJ Kilroy Variety Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Monday 7 PM
Gorgonzola: An aged cheese's struggle for dairy rights in the age of the cheddar tyrant. DJ IS BAD(AKA STRANGELOVE) World Jazz My favorite substance on earth Sunday 9 PM
hi mom aimee Variety whatever i'm feeling-- lots of old school jams + pro teens + banger$$$ Thursday 10 AM
Holla-Daze Radio Patrick Bogar and Brendan Baker Variety Music and interviews focused on the holiday of the day. Whether it be MLK day or Pancake Day, be prepared for facts, class, and sass!! Friday 7 PM
I'm So Goth II DJ Pop Punk Alternative/Indie Post Punk, Goth, Hardcore Thursday 7 PM
In The Zone Alec White Sports The best sports news from the University of Arizona and around the world Wednesday 7 PM
Inside the Glass Rob Leano Sports The latest and greatest of takes about the National Hockey League Friday 3 PM
it's gonna be ok André Variety Hip hop, electronic, grime, Joanna Newsom, bedroom pop, emo Thursday 2 PM
KAMP Vision Mikie Geezy Alternative/Indie All Genres Talk News Countdowns give aways anime movies ECT Saturday 7 PM
LA Locals DJ PigDog Alternative/Indie This show will be playing music from LA bands Tuesday 12 PM
lil' heaters Charlie Franco Variety theme: heaters only Wednesday 9 AM
Lyrically Inclined DJ Smiles Hip-Hop A lot of Chance. But anything with dope lyrics is fair game. Monday 8 PM
Mellifluous Payton Alternative/Indie A blend of beautiful sounds that I really enjoy. Friday 2 PM
Music Time DJ DJ DJ Variety Various types Monday 10 AM
My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantaSai DJ Chatz, Prince Ali Variety This one guy listened to this show, what happened next you'll NEVER believe! Friday 4 AM
Neither More Nor Less Nathan "Not Too Good" Gosnell Variety For listening purposes, songs from around the world. Possibly formed when gazing at shoes, or anyway I'd like? Wednesday 12 PM
No, I'm a Grill DJ George Foreman Variety music sometimes Wednesday 3 PM
Off The Air Kyle Variety A different theme each week Tuesday 2 PM
On The Ball Justin Spears Sports Sports Tuesday 9 AM
Pass Me the AUX DJ Alli Cat Variety A lil bit of everything (rap, alt., pop, instrumental). Depends on the day Monday 2 PM
Peet's Beats Alex Peet RPM EDM (dubstep, future bass, progressive house, trap, and other eccentric subgenres) Friday 5 PM
Pending Brooke Blizzard Alternative/Indie Pretty much all of the subgenres of alt music Sunday 5 PM
Scoobadamunch DJ Scoob (Sidney) Alternative/Indie Alternative Rock Monday 4 PM
she's brown, she's smart DJ Escuincla Variety one hour of latin alternative Thursday 6 PM
Solariat Sound Radio DJ Kohemash Variety Hip Hop, Alternative, EDM, Vibes, Great Music, Soul, etc. Friday 10 AM
Soul Punx Danielle Perry Metal Metalcore, Pop Punk, Punk Rock Thursday 11 AM
sounds to water plants to dj res-nap RPM experimental electronic, post-rock, ambient sounds, minimal wave, synthesizer, dark electronic, indietronic, 95% instrumentals Tuesday 7 PM
South of Heaven Wild Horse Metal Metal, Metal, and More Metal. And on occasion, I'll also play some metal. Friday 12 PM