Show Pic Titlesort icon Host(s) Show Type What You'll Hear Day of Week Show Time
(520) 621 - 5806 resident napper Variety mostly alternative emo, usually rpm, but basically whatever i've been feeling this week! Monday 6 PM
(G)Hib's Free Energy ΔG Variety Keep your ears open for anything and everything... Monday 3 PM
(TU)esdays w/ Jacquizz DJ Jacquizzle Talk SILKY SMOOVE VOICESSSS Monday 6 PM
2 much tuna dj hoverhand/dj rinkyDink/stinky Variety weekly themes, ranging from the year of our collective birth to same names/different songs Tuesday 4 PM
3pm mp3s Alex Variety Electronic, folk, indie, and much more! Tuesday 3 AM
All sports talk Jeff Malinoff Sports everything to do with sports Thursday 1 PM
All sports talk Jeff Malinoff Sports everything to do with sports Thursday 1 PM
All Sports Talk Jeff Malinoff Sports Sports and more Sports Wednesday 1 PM
Anyways, Here's Wonderwall DJ PigDog Alternative/Indie British Artists Thursday 4 PM
ATLASES @potatumtot RPM modern electronic (trap/bass/dubstep) Wednesday 2 PM
audio ammunition alex siegel Alternative/Indie indie, punk, post-punk, noise, unabashed leftism Sunday 1 PM
B.4.D Mus1c Prince Ali & DJ Bad Bad Very Bad (BBVB) Variety Riff Raff appreciation show Friday 4 PM
Ben White Show Ben White Sports Sports talk and much more! Wednesday 1 PM
Black Mass Atom Bomb Baby Metal black metal, metalcore, doom metal, metal, occasional alternative Sunday 6 PM
Blood Shed DJ Dingo Variety Bangers, nasty, maybe some metal and punk and beach stuff Monday 11 AM
Boba Bumps DJ Nimbus RPM electronica, pop, nightcore, booty bass Thursday 11 AM
Boosie's Bazooka Joe Memorial Hour, also Rodeos DJ Boosie/DJ Boosie 1.5 Talk just whatever Thursday 9 PM
bOOSIE'S FIRST RODEO DJ Boosie Doosie 2 & DJ Boosie Doosie 1.5 Variety just stuff about the rodeo i guess Thursday 9 PM
BOOSIE,S FINAL RODEO DJ Boosie Doosie 1.5 and DJ Boosie Doosie 2 Variety everything you've ever wanted to hear about the rodeo Thursday 8 PM
BOOSIE,S FINAL RODEO DJ BOOSIE D<>ZEE BOOJEE and DJ Boosie D 1.5 Variety rasslin' rawhide rodeo Thursday 8 PM
Bridge & Tunnel Jake Calegari Variety Noise & fun Sunday 4 PM
Cable Hogue Radio Oddloop (Nathan "Not Too Good" Gosnell) Variety Variety of songs that I enjoy, including lots of foreign music. Wednesday 12 PM
Clickity Click Clique DJ KZL Variety alternative, r&b, electronic, indie pop Monday 9 PM
Critically Pann DJ Pann Variety Korean Music Tuesday 10 AM
Desert Queens Payton & Ellery Variety Witty Ladies playing diverse and glorious tunes with witty comments Wednesday 2 PM
Doomsday Atom Bomb Baby Metal death metal, black metal, metalcore, rap metal, grindcore, heavy metal, just basically anything with a double bass drum Wednesday 11 AM
Eesti's Secret Power Hour! Ryan Variety Join us as we celebrate traditional Estonian music! Thursday 12 PM
Ellery as/is/was Queen DJ Celery Stix Variety Spoken Word, Old school Hip-Hop and contemporary Hip Hop Artists, Mood music ( aka what I am in the mood to play for yall ) and New music reviewed by Kampers and old Ellery Queen radio show clips. Monday 8 PM
Everything Is Awesome Show DJ Lil' Hands Variety Mostly an alt show but I play all types of genres and classic rock Tuesday 5 PM
Full Moon DJ Killroy Alternative/Indie Music, hopefully. Thursday 6 PM
Get Up With Nicky NickySarge RPM Trap, Dubstep, Downtempo Saturday 3 PM
Gib Vibes DJ Gib Variety Chill Vibes with indie combined with a mix of RPM and rap. Wednesday 6 PM
Happy Hour Payton Wells Variety All the Alt, Dance, and oldies that your heart desires! Wednesday 2 PM
Holla-Daze Radio DJ[Redacted] & DJ[Subject to Change] Variety Music and interviews focused on the holiday of the day. Whether it be MLK day or Pancake Day, be prepared for facts, class, and sass!! Monday 12 AM
Horns High DJ Wild Horse Metal Metal, Metal, and More Metal. And on occasion, I'll also play some metal. Friday 2 PM
I'm So Goth II DJ Pop Punk Alternative/Indie Post Punk, Goth, Hardcore Tuesday 7 PM
In the Zone Alec White Sports The latest and greatest sports talk on both national and local news Wednesday 4 PM
In The Zone Alec White Sports The best sports news from the University of Arizona and around the world Wednesday 7 PM
Inside the Glass Rob Leano Sports Majority hockey with a splash of highlights from the MLB, NFL, NBA, or NCAA Friday 3 PM
Irrationally Rational Kyle Frattali Sports A rundown of the current week in sports emphasizing in the NBA, College Basketball, and College Football Sunday 8 PM
It's a Wonderful Kind of Day DJ Dora Winifred Alternative/Indie Alternative, Indie rock, Folk, Lo-fi, Bedroom pop, etc., etc. Thursday 2 PM
it's gonna be ok André Variety Hip hop, electronic, grime, Joanna Newsom, bedroom pop, emo Thursday 2 PM
Lyrically Inclined Jose Hip-Hop Mostly Hip-hop but anything with amazing lyrics and/or dope word play is fair game. Friday 10 AM
Lyrically Inclined Jose Hip-Hop Mostly Hip-hop but anything with amazing lyrics and/or dope word play is fair game. Friday 10 AM
MerzAgasM Merza Hip-Hop Hip-Hop, Rap, and Electronic Music! Friday 1 PM
MPR DJ Nick Z. Talk Literary Devices and Themes in Modern Day Music Wednesday 9 PM
Music Time DJ DJ DJ Variety Various types Monday 10 AM
My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantaSai DJ Chatz, Prince Ali Variety This one guy listened to this show, what happened next you'll NEVER believe! Friday 4 AM
My World Mikie Geezy Alternative/Indie All Genres Talk News Countdowns give aways anime movies ECT Saturday 7 PM