Show Pic Titlesort icon Host(s) Show Type What You'll Hear Day of Week Show Time
(520) 621 - 5806 resident napper Variety mostly alternative emo, usually rpm, but basically whatever i've been feeling this week! Monday 6 PM
(TU)esdays w/ Jacquizz DJ Jacquizzle Talk SILKY SMOOVE VOICESSSS Monday 6 PM
Anyways, Here's Wonderwall DJ PigDog Alternative/Indie British Artists Thursday 4 PM
ATLASES @potatumtot RPM trap/bass/progressive edm (+ alt & hip hop) Monday 7 PM
audio ammunition alex siegel Alternative/Indie indie, punk, post-punk, noise, unabashed leftism Sunday 1 PM
B.4.D Mus1c Prince Ali & DJ Bad Bad Very Bad (BBVB) Variety Riff Raff appreciation show Friday 4 PM
Black Mass Atom Bomb Baby Metal black metal, metalcore, doom metal, metal, occasional alternative Sunday 6 PM
bOOSIE'S FIRST RODEO DJ Boosie Doosie 2 & DJ Boosie Doosie 1.5 Variety just stuff about the rodeo i guess Thursday 9 PM
BOOSIE,S FINAL RODEO DJ Boosie Doosie 1.5 and DJ Boosie Doosie 2 Variety everything you've ever wanted to hear about the rodeo Thursday 8 PM
Clickity Click Clique DJ KZL Variety alternative, r&b, electronic, indie pop Monday 9 PM
Critically Pann DJ Pann Variety Korean Music Tuesday 10 AM
Desert Queens Payton & Ellery Variety Witty Ladies playing diverse and glorious tunes with witty comments Wednesday 2 PM
Desert Queens Payton & Ellery Variety Witty Ladies playing diverse and glorious tunes with witty comments Wednesday 2 PM
Everything Is Awesome Show DJ Lil' Hands Variety Mostly an alt show but I play all types of genres and classic rock Tuesday 5 PM
Full Moon DJ Killroy Alternative/Indie Music, hopefully. Thursday 6 PM
Happy Hour Payton Wells Variety All the Alt, Dance, and oldies that your heart desires! Wednesday 2 PM
Horns High DJ Wild Horse Metal Metal, Metal, and More Metal. And on occasion, I'll also play some metal. Friday 2 PM
I Can't Believe You Actually Aired Oddloop (Nathan "Not Too Good" Gosnell) Variety Variety of songs that I enjoy, including lots of foreign music. Wednesday 11 AM
I'm So Goth II DJ Pop Punk Alternative/Indie Post Punk, Goth, Hardcore Tuesday 7 PM
In the Zone Alec White Sports The latest and greatest sports talk on both national and local news Wednesday 4 PM
Inside the Glass Rob Leano Sports Majority hockey with a splash of highlights from the MLB, NFL, NBA, or NCAA Friday 3 PM
it was ok, i thought André Variety Hip hop, electronic, grime, Joanna Newsom, bedroom pop, emo Wednesday 7 PM
It's a Wonderful Kind of Day DJ Dora Winifred Alternative/Indie Alternative, Indie rock, Folk, Lo-fi, Bedroom pop, etc., etc. Thursday 2 PM
MerzAgasM Merza Hip-Hop Hip-Hop, Rap, and Electronic Music! Friday 1 PM
MPR DJ Nick Z. Talk Literary Devices and Themes in Modern Day Music Wednesday 9 PM
My World Mikie Geezy Alternative/Indie All Genres Talk News Countdowns give aways anime movies ECT Saturday 7 PM
OFF THE AIR Kyle Lough Variety A different mix every week Sunday 4 PM
On The Ball Justin Spears Sports The latest news with Arizona football and basketball plus the dose of national news! Wednesday 8 PM
Pass Me the AUX DJ Alli Cat Variety A lil bit of everything (rap, alt., pop, instrumental). Depends on the day Monday 2 PM
Prime time slime Jake Calegari Variety Fun + sound Sunday 5 PM
Public House Eric "The American Dream" Heirshberg Variety Garage rock, surf punk, oldies, alternative/indie, world, jazz Monday 8 AM
Purity of Essence Dr Strangelove World Jazz Jazz, Blues, The Truth and its discontents Friday 12 PM
Scoobadamunch DJ Scoob (Sidney) Alternative/Indie Alternative Rock Monday 12 PM
she's brown, she's smart DJ Tijeras Variety one hour of latin alternative Saturday 12 PM
shut up and listen Aerin Variety indie, alternative,hip-hop, and whatever else I'm feeling at the moment Thursday 7 PM
Soul Punx Danielle Perry Metal Metalcore, Pop Punk, Punk Rock Monday 3 PM
T-Time T Statman and Sebass Talk Talk Friday 8 AM
T-Time T Statman Talk Politics, Sports, and More! Friday 8 AM
The Amanda Show DJ Amanda Variety Alternative, Pop, Indie, Rock, the occasional Hip-Hop or RPM jam Monday 4 PM
The Electro Show DJ Paris RPM Electronic Dance Music Tuesday 2 PM
The Fringe Paul Lackey Variety Roots - Punk Rock/Hardcore, Jazz. Branches-Industrial, Noise Rock, etc Friday 8 PM
the Glow Andrew Variety Indie Ruck, Undie Rock, Punk, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi, Hardcore, Pop, Funk, Electronic, Post-Punk, Soul, Dub, Techno, R&B, Thursday 5 AM
The Miseducation of DJ Roy DJ Roy Variety A weird combination of alternative, hip-hop, R&B, trap, and probably much more Thursday 8 AM
the rundown locale kivi Variety david byrne filtered through dc hardcore while corridos play softly in the background Wednesday 3 PM
The Secret Hour Ryan Variety Everything from classic rock to 90s Brit-pop. Thursday 12 PM
The Sound of Movies Mel Variety Film scores, soundtracks, and anything made for the big screen! Friday 6 PM
The Soup Kitchen DJ Campbell Soup Variety A variety of different genres of music to jam to, along with the occasional interview/talk show session Friday 7 PM
The Tempo Show Brieana Variety R&B, Hip-Hop, Blues, Trap, and all things upbeat! Sunday 3 PM