College Football pick 'em October 6, Pt. 2

College Football Pick ‘em
October 6, 2007

9) Florida (4-1, 2-1) vs. 1)LSU (5-0, 2-0)

College Football pick 'em October 6, Pt. 1

Here is my pick for Thursday's showdown between South Carolina and Kentucky. Saturday's games will be posted later.

8) Kentucky (5-0, 1-0) vs. 11) South Carolina (4-1, 2-1)

Saturday Sept 29 college football pick'em

Below are my picks for 12 games for college football this Saturday. Come out to Zona Zoo's tailgate this Saturday between 4-6 to hear KAMP sports breakdown the game live where you can come and talk on the radio about the upcoming game. Also, EA Sports will be giving away free things, including games, and if you pick more games correct than I do you will be entered to win an EA giveaway, which inlcudes EA Sports NCAA College Football '08. Good Luck.

Arizona vs. Washington St.

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9/22 Arizona 27 @California 45 2:59 4th

Arizona is moving down the field thanks to it's passing game and Cal's penalties. A personal foul kept the drive alive at midfield and now a late hit has given Arizona the ball at Cal's 17. Time is running out for the Cats with only 5:30 to play. Tuitama sacked, which sets up a 3rd and 17 from the 24. Now 4th and 9, Stoops has got to go for it. Make that a 4th and 14 after an Arizona false start.

Nate: Im so sick of false starts

Tuitama's pass was incomplete, CAL ball and a CAL victory basically.

9/22 Arizona 27 @California 45: 4rd Quarter action 8:09

Spencer: Arizona is having trouble stopping Cal. a 14 yard run by Ta'ufo'ou and a 13 yard catch by Jordan put Arizona's 27. A big run by Forsett brings Cal to the 2. Forsett runs it into the end zone and Arizona is now down by 18. California's Offense has just passed it's season average of 40.3 points per game, and Arizona's defensive nightmare of a game continues to allow more points.

9/22 Arizona 27 @California 38: 4rd Quarter action 13:01

Tuitama throws into the back right corner of the endzone to Mike Thomas for a 4yard touchdown.

Spencer: What was once a 28 point deficit is now only 14, and yet it is hard to believe that Arizona is still in this game. Cal starts their drive from the 12 but gets 11 from Forsett on first down. Arizona picks up a fumble on Cal's 23 yard line, NOW it is starting to look like a game!

Nate: This is why I love football...Arizona hits the 32 yd field goal to make it 38-27...Thats 17 unanswered points for the Cats...Lets do this!

9/22 Arizona 17 @California 38: 3rd Quarter action 9:11

Spencer: The blog is going strong. And for the time being so is Arizona's momentum. After the Tuitama touchdown, Cal has gone three and out. As of now my player of game is a tough battle between Cal Thomas DeCoud of Cal and the Teriyaki Tri Tip sandwich provided to the media, I loved this sandwhich, it was delicious. Cason get smothered immediately upon catching the punt and Arizona will take over from their own 25. The crisp, refreshing Northern California smells as though a comeback is brewing in the atmosphere, however Arizona's recent 3 and out would suggest otherwise.

9/22 Arizona 17 @California 38: 3rd Quarter action 7:58

Touchdown Arizona-7:58 Tuitama runs the ball in after Grigsby set up the Touchdown with a great run.

Nate: We'll take anything we can get haha

9/22 Arizona 10 @California 38: 3rd Quarter action 9:11

Spencer: Sorry Folks, we're experiencing some technical defficulties with this blog and my halftime report was lost. In short: Lavelle Hawkins is tearing up the Arizona secondary, and the Cal defense is forcing big time turnovers. 2nd half play started with a Mike Thomas touchdown that was called back for illegal hands to the face. On third down Jennings fumbled the ball, that makes four forced turnovers by Cal. And now Cal has 1st and Goal on the three after another impressive drive, wait no, Justin Forsett just scored his second touchdown of the game, it's now 38-10 California.