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Neo Noir
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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek", or Bon Iver's "715 - CRΣΣKS", with instrumentation similar to The Chainsmokers' "Paris"? I'll admit it, neither have I. However, the small music collective Neo Noir (think of it like BROCKHAMPTON) has offered their answer to this unlikely question, with their single "Drift Away".

Following the minimalist intro, hypnotic auto-tuned lyrics inqure the listener to "trust in [them]." The singer pulls listeners away by incorporating dreamlike imagery into the lyrics that are relaxing, so much so that they might lull listeners to sleep, but I digress. In this case, the minimalist nature of the song can become a bad thing. The minimalist beats that underlay the lyrics, which, melodically, aren't very adventurous, can fail to hold the listener's attention. In doing so, the singer manages to distance themselves from the listener, and lack the commanding, confident tone that can be found in Imogen Heap's and Bon Iver's songs. Despite these downfalls, the chorus is able to hold off on its own. Large-sounding synths, guitar plucks, and a light violin-like instrument are able to bring up the energy of the song, and offer a little more complexity. There's not much else to explain after the chorus, since the rest of the song doesn't offer anything new.

Overall, "Drift Away" is a track that tries to aim high but falls short due to its sloppy execution. That's not to say that their efforts to blend two distinct musical styles, and explore the possibilities of heavily auto-tuned vocals, is fruitless. "Drift Away" has a good concept behind it, it's just that the concept needs more refining.


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Imogen Heap
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Sounds Like: 
Bon Iver
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Drift Away
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