Myriad 3

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ALMA Records
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The composition of the album is definitely high quality as I can imagine any of the tracks appearing in featured films or television programs. It has an "ordinary" sound that makes it so easy to listen, but I would hardly describe it as boring. Each track seems to convey a story or specific emotions that we experience in daily life.

I loved the sound of the first track, as it had a sophisticated yet mysterious sound. I imagined a high-class bar where a sultry heroine dressed elegantly, lounging on a comfortable sofa with a sparkling wine glass in her delicate hands. Maybe she's waiting for someone. The track fills the sound of the room that is scattered with other luxurious furnishings, loud enough to drown out the whisperings of the other patrons in the establishment but soft enough to relax their souls...patrons who only gaze at the floor or their cups. Everyone is there for a reason, but their intentions? Who knows?

Overall, each track has a different feel. Track 5 sounds a bit more whimsical... a bit like a Tom and Jerry episode while Track 9, though the title seems a bit ridiculous, sounds like an ordinary early morning commute to work.


Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Recommended Tracks: 
1. Pluie Lyonnaise: sounds like your lounging at a fancy bar that is frequented by shady characters
5. Piano-Rag-Music: reminds me of a Tom and Jerry episode...some tiptoeing, frolicking and crashing
9. Meme Art: relaxing yet energizing; something you'd want to start your day with
Hibah Ilyas
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