À Jamais Privé de Réponses

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À Jamais Privé de Réponses is the debut full length album from French-Canadian New Wave group, Paupière. This album greets two singles and an EP in Paupière's discography, and I have to say, I like it. Paupière pushes past the mere novelty of it's foreign language pop group origins into a uniquely fun listen.

It's certainly not anything too special, seeking to ride the all too common wave of neo wave (Neo-new wave? Do you like that?) but honestly the album flows cohesively enough and has a few nice surprises to shake up each listen. I was happy to hear the guitar enter on opener "D'Une Autre Manière", and the keyboard on track "K-o" is an incredibly fun addition that transforms the track from a great bass line to a great pop song in general. In general, the bass lines on this album are very catchy and fun to listen or dance to. If there's one thing I am kind of disappointed in, it's the overuse of the gated reverb drums on almost every song. It honestly feels a little lazy, that in an effort to maintain nostalgia for 80s snyth pop they had to use these overplayed effects. It doesn't kill the album for me though and I can mostly ignore it.

This next part is probably disappointing for any readers but I definitely do not speak any French besides whatever pretentious phrases I can spout off the top of my head (je ne sais quoi, crème de la crème, omelette du fromage) and I most certainly do not recognize any of those in this album. But it's okay! The woman singer has a nice soothing voice that flows well with each song and while the male voice has a few decidely unmusical moments they work well together. They really could be singing about the Armenian Genocide or Javanese mercantilism and I wouldn't know the difference but it sounds great.

This album kind of surprised me. I liked it more than I thought and I look forward to whatever catchy singles Paupière puts out next. I'd give it a listen if you like pop or dance music or you're really pining for more of that 80s retro sound. I'd give this a 7/10.

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New Order
Sounds Like: 
Kate Bush
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K-o: A great quick pop banger that beats out the rest of the album easily for me
Les fleurs: A fun dance track
Bennett Tolar
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