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      Hard-hitting guitar riffs accompanied by gradual, yet syncopated drumming. That is how Interpol has chosen to open their latest album, Marauders. Interpol is a band that I have followed since at least one of their songs was featured during an episode of Fox’s former hit teen soap, The O.C. Their sound back then sounded like a newer take on alternative, and with their latest release Marauders their sound seems to have remained aggressively alternative with some other influences mixed-in.

     The start of the second track instantly sounds like the sort of Punk song that would have a crowd moshing and shouting the chorus along with a “hey hey hey!” Its rhythm brings to mind bands like The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and The Clash.

      On Track seven, the song’s beat is heavily syncopated like an 80s pop song and sounds as catchy as Billy Idol’s iconic hit, White Wedding.

      The next track, “NYSMAW” starts out sounding like Franz Ferdinand’s song, Take Me Out. A gradual hard-hitting downbeat sound followed by non-stop synthesizers. Here and there the song starts to boarder on the musical arrangement of The Killers without fully focusing on an 80s synth-like sound.

     All in All, a more than halfway decent album that I would strongly recommend to Alternative and Punk fans alike.


Sounds Like: 
The Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash
Sounds Like: 
"White Wedding" by Billy Idol
Sounds Like: 
"Take Me Out" by Frank Ferdinand
Sounds Like: 
Musical arrangement of The Killers
Recommended Tracks: 
Track #1: If You Really Love Nothing
Track #2: The Rover
Track #7: Mountain Child
Track #*: NYSMAW
Jon S. Rice
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