The Return

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Goner Records
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I know nothing of Bênní. I know nothing about them. I assume they live a post-apocaylptic, tron-lite universe. I assume they assembled reclaimed wires and dials and knobs in such a manner to communicate to our world. I assume synthesizers survived the endtimes. If 80's cinema tought us anything, it's that after the bombs fall and all is lost, all sound that remains is the scuttling of cockroaches and the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBWOMMMMMMP of a synthesizer.

The Return is an homage to 80's sci-fi soundtracks a la Vangelis' Blade Runner. The compositions are also cheesy, but it's near-impossible to make synth music thats not cheesy. And like Vangelis, its performed with such a sense of earnestness that to fight it would be in vain. The narrative of the record follows the title, a story of one lost amongst the stars, returning to what's left of earth. "Ancient Plains" and "In the Shadows" have a hint of influence from the great Angelo Badalamenti, the master of minimalist emotional manipulation. It's a stirring, nostalgic listen from start to finish, rather, from blast off to landing.

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Sci fi soundtracks (Blade Runner/Vangelis)
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Daft Punk
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The Return Pt. 1 - starts slow and builds nicely
The Return Pt. 2 - ditto!
Nick Kivi
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