Missed Connections

High Sunn
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Justin Cheromiah, aka High Sunn, released Missed Connections, his debut album after releasing much of his catalog on Bandcamp. I immediately thought it sounded like American Pleasure Club FKA Teen Suicide. His voice even sounds like Sam Ray that I thought it was another one of his side projects. Missed Connections is free of all that analog fuzz that Sam Ray used in albums like DC Snuff Film/Waste Yrself (I just found out that Sam Ray and High Sunn are touring together so check them out). It’s written with simple, relatable lines that a typical teen writes in his bedroom about heartbreak and growing up. There is no shade here, I applaud anyone who can put a whole album together, good or bad.  It’s good for basking in sadness for a second.

Sounds Like: 
American Pleasure Club FKA Teen Suicide
Sounds Like: 
Surf Curse
Recommended Tracks: 
Freshman Year: nice surf rock guitar sound
Banh Mi: lil short, nice song
Javi Perez
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