One Day It WIll

Danny Green Trio Plus Strings
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OA2 Records
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I have never listened to a full jazz album before, but this one was really excellent and I did not stop listening to it or skip through the songs. It's great to listen to while doing your homework because it keeps you focused and it isn't distracting with other sounds like vocals. However, if you like music with vocals then maybe this won't be the album for you. But you should give it a chance because it is beautiful music and the talent of these individuals to be able to put together this entire album is awesome. Basically, it's jazz music and if you have an idea of what jazz music is, then imagine that but 10 times better. 

Sounds Like: 
Kairos Sextet
Recommended Tracks: 
Time Lapse To Fall: it starts off really great with the piano
Sommer Yazzie
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