The Underdog

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Spinning Top Records
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Jay Watson, the Tame Impala drummer and man behind GUM, has released his fourth album, The Underdog, with this one definitely being the best one yet. Right off the bat, in "Introduction," you know it has to be someone from Tame Impala making this music. With heavy blending synths and vibrations that hit you in your very core, GUM's new album is sure to get you going in all of the great ways psych rock does. . Overall, its sounds is very 70s Europeans lo-fi punk that I could see in a super old music video of a guy wearing a neon windbreaker. In my favorite song of the album, "S.I.A.," listeners get the feeling of being in a rocket ship with the many strange sound effects leading into the upbeat frenzy of techno percussion beats.This song was pretty rad and included many audio layering of Watson's voice, making it practically unrecognizable. This is very typical of his work, though. In contrast with "S.I.A" exist songs like "Serotonin," a more reflective, melancholy synth song that feels like pulling gum off of a sidewalk (that was weird, but it has got this like gooey, sticky feeling to it that is simply gripping).  Again, I can't help but seeing a guy from the 70s or 80s sitting in an abandoned basketball court having an existential crisis. Images are wild with this album, as you probably get by now. As a Tame Impala lover, I couldn't help but love this album, both musically and because I basically have an obligation to... But if you want some crazy 70/80s flashbacks and a really groovy time, give The Underdog a listen. You won't regret it. 

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Tame Impala
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3 S.I.A. - in case you've ever wondered what a discotheque was like in the 70s
2 The Underdog - just gives you a clear glimpse of what this album is all about
4 Serotonin: gooey, reflective synth (addictive)
Arielle Devorah
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