Mojave Nomad
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Standby Records
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This band sounds a lot like portugal, the man. This album is very fun and upbeat, and by the time it's over, you want to start it over again. The songs are all about love, and they all have fast beats, and the lead singer's voice is a bit high pitch and pleasant to listen to. This album did not impress me much, it did not have much to offer outside of bands I have laready heard and is not super original. However, it was no means bad, and had an upbeat tune that was nice to listen to. This album would be a great one to play on your show as it sounds pretty different to a lot of the disco beats we have in the stacks right now. It is definitely a fun, upbeat, daytime tune.

Sounds Like: 
Portugal, The Man
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
2 Creature Double Feature-upbeat, catchy, indie, fun
5 Strange love- also upbeat, heavier lyrics, still really good
Jessica Murray
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