In Your Own Sweet Time

The Fratellis
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Cooking Vinyl
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Being the Fratelli's latest release, this album is pretty good. It has a fratelli's sound, somewhat edgy, cabaret-esque sound. The album art is super cool, and the album's sound matches. It is something more polished than their old stuff, definitely sounding less garage-rock-y and sounds like the product of experienced, well-established musicians. The songs range from upbeat, to slow, and are all guitar heavy with fun and interesting lyrics. The songs are very catchy, with deep, slow, heavy beats. The lyrics are upbeat and weird, as is expected from the fratellis, but the album is overall very good.

This album is unmistakeable the fratellis, but with a slower, more polished, more experienced sound. They keep their lyrics musing and pining over independent, dangerous, and somewhat scary women, so if you like that about the Fratellis, you can expect that here. They do not stray too far from their garage rock type roots, but they sound older, more professional, and their sound, while just as fun, is more produced and more tamed, as happens with any band that gets older and more experienced. Definitely worth playing on your show.

Sounds Like: 
The Libertines
Sounds Like: 
Franz Ferdinand
Recommended Tracks: 
Stand Up Tragedy- Fun, upbeat, good baseline, very fratellis but very fun.
Sugartown- Fun, upbeat, good lyrics.
Jessica Murray
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