How to: Friend, Love, Freefall

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I heard "Hide" at first and didn't know that RKS had released a new album. I was so happy when I clicked the icon and found the entire album. I was even happier after listening to it a few times. In How to: Friend, Love, Freefall, RKS is able to blend poetry with upbeat, urgent rhythms and melodies. Sam Melo, the lead vocalist, showcases his gripping, throaty and raspy voice, particularly in "Fever Pitch," which is one of my favorite tracks of the album. It meshes together all of the genre exploration RKS does, too, as it goes from a soft rock/indie pop feeling to a sudden hip-hop vibe in the middle of the song, which was surprisng and cool all at once. Perhaps the best lyrics of the album are located in "It's Called: Freefall," with lines like "Called to the Devil and the Devil said "Hey! Why you been calling this late? It's like 2 A.M. and the bars all close at 10 in hell, that's a rule I made / Anyway, you say you're too busy saving everybody else to save yourself / And you don't want no help, oh well / That's the story to tell." The song was sad but upbeat, which definitely woke some cognitive dissonance in me. My favorite part of this album is that the songs fit so perfectly together, out of order, in order, and just one at a time. This is one of RKS's strongest albums musically and lyrically, as they integrate a lot of interesting guitar picks, genre-crossing,  and intense percussion with really heavy (both physically and mentally) lyrics. This album is filled with a colorful arrangement of harmony, optimism, and amazing sounds that are sure going to get you in a happier (or if you're lyrically inclined, sadder) mood than you were before you listened to it. Either way, it made you feel something, and that is a pretty awesome achievement if you ask me. Happy listening!! 

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Cage the Elephant
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Peach Pit
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Hippo Campus
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4 It's Called: Freefall: just amazing lyrics but a happy and upbeat song
8 Hide: true to who RKS really is, wonky guitar riffs, natural lyrics
9 When it Lands: sick bass line, would like to see this in an EDM remix
10 Painkillers: a lower key song on this album, mellow guitar, also lyrically sad and beautiful
12 Possum Queen: super strange but riveting
Arielle Devorah
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