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Freedom is getting a lot of great press, and it truly deserves every last word of praise. My praise is probably unnecessary at this point, but I’m going to rave anyways. This album is a godsend. I haven’t heard such delightful melancholy since The Smiths and REM. “Blue Rose,” has the easy jazz/rock workings of Sting song perfect paired with Dunes’ uniquely shakey whine. Amen Dunes is bringing back the moody rock of the 90s, but has the perfect voice physically and lyrically for the new generation. “Skipping School,” is the perfect blend of chaos and calm that makes you feel like you’re longing for something you’re not quite sure of yet. It is reminiscent of a Coldplay song but keeps its indie roots with the subtle harmonica stylings in the background. “Calling Paul the Suffering,” gets more pop-oriented with the snappy electric guitar riffs and playful robust drums. “Miki Dora,” is Dunes’ homage to the famous surfer and financial fraudster Miklos Dora. On his instagram Dunes explained that this song is as much a story about Dora as it is about him. Dunes has explained how the surfer is “the embodiment of the distorted male psyche.” His contemplations of himself and Dora become clear in lyrics like, “Pride destroyed me man / Til it took ahold of me / And I feel it when I cry / I can feel it in my dreams.” This album is so great because it shows deep reflection of himself and society. He has the great storytelling abilities of many indie artists but there is a unique playfulness in the production. No two songs sound the same--a trap that  many indie artists fall into. Freedom is an album you have to sit and stew with, it doesn’t give you all of its gifts upfront, you have to search for most of them but that is what makes it so special.

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The Smiths
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Sounds Like: 
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Blue Rose
Calling Paul the Suffering
Taylor Griffith
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