Celebrate Life

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This album is super chill. It has the same vibes as lo-fi hip hop, but with more of an electronic touch to it. I liked the contrast in "Celebrate Life!", where the higher pitched, busier sounds are contrasted with the lower, slower beats. Most of the tracks have the same, steady underlying beat that is characteristic of a lot of lo-fi hip hop tracks. "No. 540" is more jazzy, but it incorporates an electronic, video game-like vibe as well. All the tracks in this album give off the same, comfortable feel, but the different sounds in the background make them a little different from one another. The electronic element is not too overpowering and mixes well with the lo-fi hip hop feel. Overall, a pretty good, chill mix of genres. 

Sounds Like: 
Evil Needle
Recommended Tracks: 
Celebrate Life! - contrasting sounds/tempos
No. 540 - jazzy, light electronic
Nicole Kim
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