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I am so glad that I got the opportunity to listen to Spring, the Wallows' newest EP. As a lover of Real Estate, Wild Nothing and Mac Demarco, Spring felt like a mash up of all of my favorite sounds put neatly into a 5 song EP. With funky saxophone in some songs, like in "Let the Sun In," and with urgent guitar riffs in "It's Only Right," Spring promises variety and wholesome alternative/indie goodness in each track. Every song is a perfect gateway into a specific style of alternative music, which is what this album does best. Considering it is a debut EP as well, this means that Wallows is putting a foot in the right direction when it comes to the music that will be coming after this. In Spring they showcase their versatile abilities with synth, folk, and urgency, while creating a cool, easy-listening set of tracks that will make any alt-music goer happy. The EP goes through a great arc, starting off with "Ground," a powerful Beach House sounding melody with moving percussion, and ends with "1980s Horror Film," a calm, folksy tribute to teenage love that is pretty cliche but still delivers. The falsetto in this last song is also really good and I was pleasantly surprised by the vocals. Overall, I would really recommend these splendid 18 minutes to anyone who loves good ol' alternative tunes. I am looking forward to the next round of music that arrives from Wallows. 

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Beach House
Sounds Like: 
Real Estate
Sounds Like: 
Wild Nothing
Sounds Like: 
Mac Demarco
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1: Ground- really awesome Beach House vibes with great percussion and muffled guitar riffs
1980s Horror Film: cliche teenage love story with a twist, calming and cute
Arielle Devorah
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