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Everett Bird
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2, 3, 6
Royal Mountain Records
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"A Blessing In Da Skies" was a good intro that led to the funky feel of the songs of the album -- captivating! I really enjoyed the chorus of "Lizard", positive and mellow. "Bucket of Dark Meat" (interesting title for a song) was upbeat but I found the beat of the chorus to be a bit more repititive than what I would like. "Paranoid" was a good feeling song to which I would say made me like this song the most. "My Town" had a soft "screaming" nostalgic vibe and I really resonated with the lyrics. "Shred City Lights" had a rock, oldie vibe and "Plug" was a slower, sadder song and makes you want to "plug" into your own world for a couple of minutes. I really enjoyed the vocals in "2Mac" and I was happy while listening to this one (second favorite song from the album!) and "Slitherin" was another song that gave me an oldie vibe! A good variety of songs and def recommend listening to the whole album!

Sounds Like: 
The Killers
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
4. Paranoid: Mellow and good vibes all around!
7. Plug: Love the rifts here! Positively sad...
8. 2Mac: Another good feeling song with awesome combo of vocals!
Joann Kohng
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