I Don't Know EP

Gianna Adams
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Gianna Adams is back with her latest album, I Don't Know EP. "Fallen" was a great choice to begin the album, it is groovy with a sweet mixture of the Adams' vocals. "No Hero" was my favorite song of the album, it was a 180 degree turn from the previous song but it was definitely empowering with the slow, jazzy feel that you don't need no hero to get back up. "Shut Up!" is an experimental but upbeat, sassy song. It included a lot of different aspects (fast and sassy at one point then move to a slow and longing feel then back to where we were last). "The Way You Do" was a very catchy song with a hypnotizing and out-of-the-world feel. The album ends with "The Broken Ones" which was emotional and you can definitely hear the sadness in her vocals. Recommend this album for those who want to listen for the vocals rather than beats!

Sounds Like: 
Avril Lavigne (older songs)
Sounds Like: 
Tori Kelly
Recommended Tracks: 
1. Fallen: Groovy, makes you want to sing along!
2. No Hero: Longing, slower song with sweet vocals!
Joann Kohng
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