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So to begin, I don't really listen to Underoath and don't really know a lot about them so I was not sure what to expect from these singles but I knew that they should be pretty good. These are the two singles from their new comeback album, Erase Me, titled "Rapture" and "On My Teeth". These two singles completely lived up to my expectations! I am a big fan of metalcore and that's exactly what this is, and it strangely sounds very similar to Bring Me the Horizon's, That's the Spirit, which I also liked so I am very okay with that. The vocals are great and the instrumentals are solid so honestly, anyone should listen to this, it's not too heavy for non-metal listeners, and it's perfect for those who like metalcore and post-hardcore. Definitely check the entire album out. 

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Bring Me the Horizon (That's the Spirit)
Sounds Like: 
The Almost
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1 Rapture: It's the only clean song but it's really good!
Danielle Perry
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