Revenant -SINGLES-

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The Artisan Era
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Inferi is tech death/melodic death metal band from Tennessee. I am reviewing two singles from their upcoming album Revenant. They have released 3 albums before this, and I honestly do not see why they do not have more of a following. They have been operating on bandcamp since 2007, and I believe they just recently got signed. I think that this album will be a turning point of their career and help them gain a larger fanbase. In their previous albums, you can often hear that they are bandcamp band; the other albums were very good, but the production was not always great. This new album sounds excellent, and it shows that they have put more work and attention into their music making.

These songs are very well written melodic death metal. Fast blast beats, crazy guitars, the whole nine yards. They have a huge amount of technical ability, and it is well displayed on these singles. The songwriting is also great. I really like the second single, Behold the Bearer of Light. When it first came out, I listened to in on repeat for days. In the first single, Condemned Assailant, they even bring some choir parts (1:20) that make it almost symphonic metal. I am really excited for this and I can only hope that they have more symphonic elements on the rest of the album.

The mixing and recording on this album is superb. The guitars have are heavy, but they do not muddy up the mix and leave plenty of room for the bass. One thing that I noticed is that the guitars are not excessively drop tuned. Both of the guitarists for the band use 6 string guitars tuned to C standard. This is really cool, the guitars mostly play higher parts and cool melodies and let the bass cover the low notes. Ne Obliviscaris has a similar style of guitar and bass interplay, and I think it works extremely well for metal. The drums are also fantastic, they are recorded well and sound brutal af. I only have only critique and that is that the blast beats might be a bit overused. 

The vocals are pretty standard death/black metal. The main vocals are a good high scream (sounds a lot like The Black Dahlia Murder). I normally do not like this vocal style too much, but the band does manage to make the vocals interesting by often having harmonies and lower growls. In the second single, there is a vocal feature by Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder.

All around quality shit, please listen to this.

Sounds Like: 
Dimmu Borgir but less symphonic and less industrial
Sounds Like: 
slayer mixed with ne obliviscaris??
Sounds Like: 
The Black Dahlia Murder
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2. Sick guitar riffs, great vocals; 6:31
Nate Smith
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