When My Heart Felt Volcanic

The Aces
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Red Bull Records
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Alt Indie Pop, all-girl band, The Aces, are out with their new album “When My Heart Felt Volcanic” and it is great! I highly recommend.  This Utah originated band totally evades the cliché stigma of an all-female pop band and create a cool, calm, collected and strong image of the band. The music is the type that can relax you but also jam out to while getting ready to go somewhere. You can’t help but at least sway a bit when you listen to it. I love everything about it: the beat, the bass, but especially the guitar and vocals! Cristal Ramirez and Katie Henderson are the vocalists and they are wonderful. Their voices are so clear but so light, and full of emotion. Also all the guitar riffs and melody sequences by the same members are to die for. The bassist is McKenna Petty and the drummer is Alisa Ramirez and I don’t know much about the ins and outs of those instruments but everything sounds amazing. All of the instruments flow perfectly together to create some great tracks that are so relatable and personable. Not to mention, the natural flow of the album itself. Overall it’s a really pleasant listen and I highly suggest them! The Aces are currently on tour and will be in California at BottleRock at the end of May! Go check them out!

Also! KAMP Production Director Amanda Chesin did an interview with the lead singer, Cristal Ramirez! Be sure to have a look! https://soundcloud.com/kamp-student-radio-1570am/cristal-ramirez-of-the-aces-interview

Sounds Like: 
Hayley Kiyoko
Recommended Tracks: 
4 Lovin is Bible: Guitar! and super upbeat
5 Just Like That: I've been jamming out to it all week!
10 Bad Love: Real relatable and catchy
12 Hurricane: Vocals!
Natty Trujillo
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