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Back in January, DROELOE released a single called "Backbone", a dance track that mixed minimalist beats with a complex chorus, and delivered a "tough love" message. Now DROELOE is back with "Many Words", a new single that takes their music in a different direction than their previous effort, and shows that they are not held down by only one style.

"Many Words" starts off with light bells, that sound farily similar to kalimbas, shortly followed by gentle guitar noodling and warm bass. Unlike what the title of the song may suggest, the lyrics stay fairly minimal, with a couple phrases repeated several times throughout the song. Some of which are comprised of the one-liner, "'cause I don't need many words with you", which could effectively serve as the antithesis of the song, as the music itself does most of the talking for it. The soundscape and instrumentation of the track are always changing, subtly. One moment you'll feel like you're listening to a Peter Bjorn and John song, and the next minute it sounds like one of The Chainsmoker's earlier hits. The chorus exibits this change, by slowly incorporating synths and plucks that start soft and hit harder each time the beat drops. The ending of the song also makes a nod to its cover art, which ends with a phone being cut off.

Overall, "Many Words" is very well composed and is able to fuse many different sounds without coming off as choppy or abrupt. If DROELOE keeps going in the direction that they're going, I think they'll have a bright future ahead of them.


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San Holo
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Many Words
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