Black Boy Meets World

Danny Watts
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Authors / The Order Label
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Black Boy Meets World is Huston rapper Danny Watts first studio album. Ex Costco employee, Watts decided he was meant for bigger things and didn’t want to be stocking shelves forever. He took to sound cloud, met a few other rappers, moved to L.A., and the rest is history.  Black Boy Meets World is extremely well done and deserves way more attention than its getting. Watts has only been in the game for about two years and I feel as if he is already mastering the dark/alternative hip- hop genre. His voice is eerily similar to Brockhamptons Ameer Vann and Tyler, the Creator from Oddfuture. From top to bottom, this album is filled with fantastic lyricism. This really shines in track #8 “A Lullaby For You” which feels like Watts is in the room with you talking about fatherhood and all the struggles that come along with it. Another high point of this album is the beats. Every beat is different but follows this depressed tone that fits Danny’s voice perfectly. The late-night sax samples in track #4 “Pill” is sad and lonesome and it really conveys the raps that Watts is producing.  Black Boy Meets World is a really good alternative hip-hop album filled with chill low-fi beats that sound pleasant in the ear. If you are a fan of dark/depressed rap vocals and interesting jazz samples in hip-hop, then I would definitely check this album out. If I had to rate it on a scale from 1-10, I would give it a 7. 

Sounds Like: 
Ameer Vann
Sounds Like: 
Tyler, the Creator
Recommended Tracks: 
#2 Cards With The Devil (Ray Wright)- This is my favorite track on the album. Fantastic darker beat and the chorus sung by Ray Wright sounds great and hooks you.
#4 Pill- This beat is extremely chill and has some solid low-fi sax samples.
#8 A Lullaby For You- I discussed this in the review, but I'll say it again. I love the lyrics in this song. They are haunting and dark.
Mike Chase
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