The Never Story

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Interscope Records
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The Never Story by Atlanta rapper J. I. D. (Destin Route) is interesting to say the least. After a slew of singles, J.I.D. decided that it was time to make his first full length album. For someone who has never previously heard of this Atlanta rapper before, I feel as if The Never Story was a great introduction to Route’s interesting rap style. Route’s vocals vary from track to track, but usually he raps in an odd higher pitch voice which can be compared to Kendrick Lamar’s vocals in the back half of the insanely popular track “m.A.A.d city”. When J.I.D. slows it down like in the song “All Bad-Mereba” he sounds a bit like J. Cole and Isaiah Rashad. If you are looking for a rap album with unique vocals, then this isn’t it.  This is a decent sized album coming in at 12 tracks. The front half of the album is definitely stronger then the back half and that shows in tracks #3 “NEVER” and #4 “EdEddnEddy” which feature unique trap beats which elevate these songs to another level. Overall, The Never Story has a few high points, but the lows outweigh them by a lot. For an album that started off so strong at the beginning, I was a bit disappointed that the flame faded out near the end. With big name rappers constantly producing a plethora of new content, it will hard to keep this album relevant. If I had to rate this album on a scale of 1-10, I would give it a decent 6/10. 

Sounds Like: 
Isaiah Rashad
Sounds Like: 
J. Cole
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#3 NEVER- This track is awesome. It's nothing amazing, but about halfway through the song the beat changes, giving this track two very unique sounds.
#4 EdEddnEddy- I love this beat. It sounds a bit old school Tribe which I really dig.
Mike Chase
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