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I'm With Her
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I'm With Her
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I'm With Her is a female folk trio composed of Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aofie O'Donovan. The album "See You Around" is a proper demonstration of their beautiful harmonies and ability to add a bite into their delicate folk tunes. I was first introduced to I'm With Her with their song "I-89." The song starts with a cool bassline tied in with O'Donovan's delicate voice. It didn't scare me off for being folk because I'm With Her are masters at making folk have character. They know how to combine contemporary sounds and pwoerful emotion with the smooth strums of their acoustic guitars. I think there's a song for everyone on this album, even if you aren't a folk fan. If you are a folk or country fan, then songs like "Ain't That Fine" are welcoming and fill your heart with warmth. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing their vocals. They're masters at conveying emotions, harmonizing, and each have their own timbre. Watkins has a soft, sweet voice, O'Donovan has an airy yet strong voice, and Jarosz has a contemporary, smooth voice. Though the classic folk lyrics on songs like "Overland" might drive some people off, I believe their vocals make the classic storytelling more exciting. The violins, guitars, and banjos aren't distracting because they are just as delicate as the singers' vocals unless they are used to transition to another portion of the song. I hope that people give this album a chance, even if they aren't big fans of folk and country, because the Watkins, Jarosz, and O'Donovan have such amazing vocals and the instrumental is so soft and inviting.

Sounds Like: 
Brandi Carlile - Strong, female folk singers that are masters at emotion. Carlile is a bit more rock/country influenced however.
Sounds Like: 
The Wailin' Jennys - Another female trio with amazing harmonies but purely acapella (no delicate folk instrumentals like I'm With Her)
Recommended Tracks: 
I-89 (#5, *****) - I've loved this song long before I reviewed this album. It's got a good bite and combination between contemporary and folk.
Close It Down (#11, ****) - The vocals are delicate yet strong. The violin is pretty folk but still nicely done.
Alli Gilbreath
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