Lil Boat 2

Lil Yachty
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ALL (none on CD)
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Lil Yachty's newest album Lil Boat 2 is probably what you imagine when you think of Lil Yachty. The album doesn't expand upon the popular rapper's repertoire. Auto-tune is heavy, the beats are repetitive, and the verses are mumble rap. This doesn't necessarily mean that I dislike Lil Boat 2 but it does get exhausting listening to what feels like the same song over and over again. Sure, some songs like "BABY DADDY" have more dark, bass-boosted beats than the upbeat "she ready" but Lil Yachty still mumbles through his verses and then relies on the autotune heavily when he sings. When he has a feature on his song, they completely overpower the song and show him up. For example, the beat to "TALK TO ME NICE" sounds just like a Migos beat and Quavo is even on the track! If anything, it feels like Lil Yachty is a feature on the song. I do appreciate the Lil Yachty went for a less upbeat vibe on most of the songs because it makes you take Yachty a little more seriously and gives you a slightly different side of him. However, this is no different than what we've already heard from him on his mumble rap features. Overall, the album is a darker vibe than what you'd expect from Lil Yachty but it's not really all that different from what he's already done and the features on the album outshine him. I'd like to see Yachty try to lean off the autotune or mumble rap but I don't think we'll see that until Lil Yachty gets bored with what he's been doing the past three albums.

Sounds Like: 
Migos - Quavo and Offset are both on this album and the beat of "TALK TO ME NICE" is just like something off of Culture
Sounds Like: 
Lil Uzi Vert - Autotune singing and mumble rapping. A bit darker sounding than Uzi though
Recommended Tracks: 
she ready (feat. PnB Rock) (#7, ****) - Fun hook and PnB's voice is always a nice addition
TALK TO ME NICE (feat. Quavo) (#3, *****) - Quavo is great and this sounds like a Migos song more than a Yachty song
Alli Gilbreath
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