Springtime and Blind

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Run For Cover Records
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Fiddlehead is a side project from Basement’s guitarist Alex Henery. The band hailing from Boston recently released their first full length album, “Springtime and Blind”. They are signed to Run For Cover Records, which is one of my favorite labels, with bands like Pinegrove and Camp Cope in their arsenal. This album was solid, but it just felt like an underwhelming Basement album. Both have similarly sounding lead singers, and sonically are very similar with their layered guitars and punchy bass. The production on the album is thick and messy which adds to the albums rough texture. Songwriting is probably the albums biggest weakness, due to the lack of any catchy hooks or chorus and an overall terseness that makes many of the songs unmemorable. For such a loud and abrasive sounding album, it felt like sonic wallpaper due to the fact that the album failed to grab my attention. There is very little variance in song structure which adds to the lack of memorable tracks. It sounds like B-sides to the most recent Basement album. Overall, the album isn’t horrible, its biggest offense is just sounding like everyone else.  The video for "Lay Low" is pretty cool though. 


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Sounds Like: 
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Lay Low
Michael Jepson
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