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Since joining KAMP, I have been exposed to so much music it’s fantastic. Not only have I been introduced to genres that I had known very little about prior, such as jazz, but I have dived deeper into alternative music. This includes being introduced to many females fronted alternative bands. Although there is a disproportionate amount of all male/male fronted bands, that hasn’t stopped me from finding some great groups spanning the entire alternative spectrum. These bands include, but aren’t limited to: Hop Along, Camp Cope, awakebutstillinbed, Soccer Mommy, Weakend Friends, Stella Donnelly and now No Thank You.

No Thank You is an emo/punk band from Philadelphia. They’ve released their second studio album titled, “All It Takes to Ruin It All”. One of the biggest strengths this album has going for it is the bands dynamic song structure. I am a sucker for dynamic songs -I think this stems from my love for bands like Nirvana- and this album has plenty of it. Songs like Branch Doubt and New England Patriots. However, it is somewhat inconsistent. I felt underwhelmed by the opener, Furrowed Brow, which had solid potential, but the short run time of the song ends up taking away from the songs development. The song writing on this project is solid and is especially strong on songs like Hell Bent and Limitlessly Cheap. The theme of the album delves into the loss of the lead singers father. This however doesn’t make the albums tone nihilistic or too depressing. The description on the CD case says it best when it states, “All It Takes to Ruin It All doesn’t shoulder its pain with cynicism, but its conclusion doesn’t offer much calm, either.”

This album however suffers from sloppy recording and a bland vocal performance. The recording is very muddled and tinny, and although it doesn’t sound awful given the genre of this album, I think a crisper and clearer recording would elevate this album. The vocals aren’t horrible, however they lack the polish of someone like a Soccer Mommy or Stella Donnelly, while not having the grit and emotional openness like Georgia McDonald from Camp Cope. New England Patriots I believe has the strongest vocal performance from Kaytee Della Monica. Her vocals can also seem to blend with the instruments. My overall impression on this album is positive. I enjoyed their sound and song writing, although there are some areas for this band to improve, I would recommend any fans of emo and punk check this album out.  


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The Hotelier
Sounds Like: 
Soccer Mommy
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Camp Cope
Sounds Like: 
Hop Along
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Branch Doubt
New England Patriot
Limitlessly Cheap (Not FCC)
Michael Jepson
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