The Voidz
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RCA Records
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This is the premier album by The Voidz under their new name, and the used to be called Julian Casablancas and the Voidz. Most people know Juliam Casablancas from The Strokes, and there's definitely a taste of the same style of sound on this album, which is to be expected since Casablancas was the front-man for both bands. However, as a huge fan of The Strokes, I came to this album hoping to find music that was relatively the same as past tunes from Casablancas' band, especially because most are unsure whether or not to expect new music from The Strokes, but I did not find that. Even though the album is not exactly what I expected, I still really enjoyed it. Virtue is overall a little bit psychadelic and sludgy, but still with some good classic indie rock sounding tunes. Almost every song switches up the vibe of the album; QYURRYUS is a little more electronic, which transitions to Pyramid of Bones which sounds a little heavier and has some metal influences, and All Wordz are Made Up, which is a little more funk-influenced. I honestly did not enjoy every single track on the album, since the influences are so wide-spread, but the songs I did like, I seriously enjoyed (they made their way to my personal playlist).

Sounds Like: 
The Strokes
Sounds Like: 
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Leave It In My Dreams: sounds super similar to classic songs by The Strokes and I love them!
All Words are Made Up: funky and fun to listen to
Chloe Hislop
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