Nightwish @ The Marquee

Concert Date: 
Sun, 04/15/2018
Age Restriction: 
Marquee Theater

This weekend I had the immense privilege of seeing one of my favorite bands live. Nightwish is legendary in the symphonic metal scene. If you do not know them, I highly recommend you listen to them. I recently reviewed their greatest hits album Decades, which came out about a month ago. 


First, a brief overview of the band. Floor: vocals. Marco: bass. Emppu: guitar. Tuomas: keyboards. Troy: pipes/flutes. Kai: drums. One could say that the band is on the decline now, they used to be huge. The band members are aging, but this show quelled any doubts I may have had about their abilities. The show was hecking great. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I would definitely pay to see them again. 


To start, the mixing was great and everything sounded very good. The vocals came through very clear, and all of the instruments had a good place in the mix. The bass was a bit quiet for my taste, but nothing egregious. The drums sounded great, the snare was deep and punchy and the kick had a thump that you could feel in your chest, good shit. 


The show started off with a prerecorded orchestra bit, and then Troy came on and played some cool stuff on the pipes. After a few soothing minutes, the full band showed up and launched into End of All Hope. After this, they played Wish I had an Angel. I honestly do not think they could have picked better opening songs. The crowd got hyped, and the band was clearly enjoying themselves. During the entire show, the band kept the energy up, engaged with the audience, and they always looked like they were having fun 


The setlist was pretty fire. Highlights: Slaying the Dreamer, Nemo, I Want my Tears Back, Ghost Love Score. In the middle of the show, they played a metal cover of some traditional folk song. It was bomb, and I was really impressed by how good Troy’s vocals were. The vocals were killer for the whole show. Marco and Floor sounded great, they hit the occasional bad note, but the rest was so good that I’m okay with it. The drums were phenomenal, the double bass was super clean. All of the songs were very tight, I don't think I noticed a single mistake.


For the final song, they played Ghost Love Score, which is one of their biggest songs. I was hella hyped for it, and I was not let down. The song was performed perfectly, and I am so glad I got to see it. Floor’s vocals sounded amazing, and she nailed the high parts. 




Check out some pics at this link, click on "pictures and videos"

Nate Smith