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Domino Recording Co Ltd
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Superorganism's self-titled album is a beautiful mixture of synth, chill beats, and fun vocals from the 17-year-old lead singer, Orono Noguchi. The album doesn't stray too far from the indie pyschedlic pop principles, making the album something easy to listen to. However, you most likely won't feel like you found a revolutionary band but that's okay! I think "Superorganism" can appeal to a lot of people because of its natural charm and typical sounds. The instrumental side of the album is typical psychedelic pop: an easy beat, synth, and some guitars and random sounds, like kids laughing, mixed in. Noguchi has a sweet, nonchalant voice that gives the album the "pop" feeling. She effortlessly sings over the instrumentals and her lyrics are relatable and simple to follow. For example, in "Nobody Cares", Noguchi simply repeats "nobody cares" but not in a pessimistic way. The lyrics of the song suggest that when you grow up, you learn that nobody cares so you can just be yourself. (I find this highly relatable and a lesson that I have learned myself over time.) The album will make you want to just hang out with some friends, doing nothing much but relaxing and chatting. The easy-going vibes, great instrumentals, and relaxing vocals really make the album worth a listen. If you're not in psychedelic pop that much and want something that's on the cusp between indie pop and psychedelic pop, I highly recommend this album. Songs like "Reflections on the Screen" have the elements of psychedelic pop, such as distorted voices repeating the same lines, but has the simple bassline and head-nodding claps of an indie pop song. Overall, this album is a great album for relaxing or studying because it's classic indie psychedelic pop and isn't too revolutionary in style.

Sounds Like: 
Tame Impala - psychedelic pop, nonchalant vocals that you can find in a Tame Impala song
Sounds Like: 
MGMT - earlier albums and more indie pop than MGMT but still fun to listen to like MGMT
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"Everybody Wants to Be Famous" (#2, *****) - Fun psychedelic pop song with cute synth and guitar. Also has a quirky, cute music video
"Reflections on the Screen" (#4, *****) - This song makes me want to relax and nod along. Definitely more indie pop influenced than psychedelic.
Alli Gilbreath
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