Belly of the Beast

Citizen Kay
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Belly of the Beast by Citizen Kay is really funky. Citizen Kay, a rapper from Australia first caught public attention with his debut EP Demokracy. The music has jazz, blues and rock influences. However, a lot of the music is electronic. He has some cool keyboard riffs on his album. It is actually super refreshing to listen to. Seriously, this guy has talent. Citizen Kay’s raps are smooth, with a hint of 90’s retro sound. The album kind of sounds like Lamar's earlier To Pimp a Butterfly, but a lot less explicit and more rock influenced. At the same time, the guy can sing. Not like a god, but better than some rappers. One great part of this album is that every song sounds different. The album is cohesive, but does not blur together. That impressed me. It also makes it really hard to choose a favorite track. Citizen Kay fills the album with political commentary, like on the track “Barred”. He also raps about finding himself in tracks like “For Me” and “Whatchu Got”. I am not joking, play this album, it is a jam!!!! 

Sounds Like: 
Thundercat and Kendrick Lamar
Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
if Childish Gambino and Kanye West did something maybe?
Recommended Tracks: 
3. These Kicks: really funky and fun (3:41)
5. Who Are You: kind of sounds gospel-y, smooth and chill (3:44)
7. Barred: talks about the Australian racial problems with indigenous people (3:46)
Grace Penry
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