All You'll Get From Greed

Kaite Frank
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Quite Frankly Music/ Brass Giraffe Music
Album Art: 

Katie Frank is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that recently released her first full length album “All You’ll Get From Greed”. Her style is easy to listen to pop-rock. Her sound reminds me of a generic track that you could find on Radio Disney. That is to say, this album is very beige. While listening to this album, I zoned out and went from track 2 to track 7 without noticing that I had been listening to an album. The instrumental performances are somewhat lackluster and unimaginative. This may be due to the fact that other than vocals and acoustic guitar, all other aspects of production (guitars, bass, keys, backup vocals and drums) were all performed by one person, Kevin Killen. This is detrimental to the overall sound due to the lack of specialization in regard to each instrumental performance. Frank’s vocals are passable and at their best remind me of an indie Carrie Underwood. Something this album does halfway decent are the ideas behind some of the songs. The track “Do Over Babe” is about a girl who serves as a reset for a man who keeps screwing up. This song has an interesting guitar effect that reminds me of the distortion in the opening of “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden. Albeit, all this song makes me want to do is listen to that song, and not this one. The song “Beer and Dogs” has arguably my favorite name for a song in the history of music, however the execution of this track is lackluster. Its opening reminds me of the blue-grassy feeling of a Kossoy Sisters track. Overall, the best quality this album has is reminding me of other artists that I haven’t listened to in a while.


Sounds Like: 
Hannah Montana
Sounds Like: 
The Naked Brothers Band
Sounds Like: 
Radio Disney
Recommended Tracks: 
Do Over Babe
Beer and Dogs
Michael Jepson
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