Minor Tantrums

Lifted Bells
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Run For Cover
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With Minor Tantrums, Lifted Bells have given us a solid emo album with decent math additions - there is not much else to say. I've listened to a lot of emo in my time, and this is another one - Bob Nanna does the vocals, who has worked on a various amount of other emo albums, so I would say knows how to...emo? My friend and I were discussing this, and we both agreed that math rock sort of hits a wall at a certain point. After a while, it all sort of sounds the same and it really takes something to make it standout. This album sort of falls into that trap - it's decent math rock for sure, but it sort of sounds like most other math rock. That being said, the songs don't really blend into each other (as I think is another trait of math rock driven albums), and this is the first emo album I've listened to in a while that sounds properly emotional. Tracks 9 and 10 ("Miss Pedestria" and "Stop Crying and Sing") take the crown for this, I think, nicely blending some of the more raw elements of emo with math rock in a really good way. Sidenote on the title to track 10 - how appropriate!!! And on that note, I feel like this album also manages to poke fun at itself in a productive way. Track 6, "Cemetery Cats," is another example of this - the focus of the song is about being fed to the cats of the cemetery - but it still feels pretty emo, cause it is about a broken relationship. 

If you're into emo or math rock you'll like this album. Spin it to accompany some American Football or Algernon Cadwallader. 

Sounds Like: 
American Football
Sounds Like: 
Algernon Cadwallader
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#10 "Stop Crying and Sing" - Possibly the most emo just because of the title? Cool riffs, cool math elements
#6 "Cemetery Cats" - About being fed to feral cats? Good though, emo relationship stuff.
Katie Fapp
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