Everything is Recorded by Richard Russell

Everything is Recorded
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Track 4
XL Records
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Occasionally I will get into a mood where nothing and everything sounds good to listen to. If you are feeling like that and you want to listen to a little bit of everything, this album is for you. This entire album is painting with a mix of slow and fast infectious beats. However, each song has its own genre twist to it. Listening to this entire album you will hear hints of R&B, hip hop, alternative, spoken word, reggae and techno. Each song has its on personality and you will not get bored listening to this album. Along with the variety of genres there are also an platora of guest artists. Each artist brings their own style and vibe to the music, which I loved. I would also describe this album as experimental. A lot of the beats that you hear through out are new and unique which makes me feel like this album was a passiona project for the artist or should I say artist. This album closes out with a absolutely beautiful piece. It large and orchestral and cinematic. It made me feel the same way I felt in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie where blank and blank reunited. Can’t give spoilers! If was just a very satisfying close to a very dynamic album and I appreciated that. Overall, this album was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone that is in the market to try out some new and experimental music.

Sounds Like: 
Kanye West
Sounds Like: 
Chance The Rapper
Recommended Tracks: 
Everything is Recorded: This song is extremely chill with and infectious beat
She Said: More of a reggae feel to this song mixed with hip hop
Aubrie Buechting
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