Naked Giants
Non-Airable Tracks: 
New West
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Naked Giants is a garage rock band from Seattle Washington with tons of personality. Their album, Sluff, is a fast-paced, roller coaster ride into the garages of America. Naked Giants delivers on this album with gritty production, energetic performances all around, and songs that will make you want to mosh and bob your head. Their sounds remind me a lot of the rawness found in Nirvanas Bleach as well as Car Seat Headrest. The pedal to the metal sound is broken up with sound like Slow Dance II, which delivers a dynamic yet punchy track. This is effectively in breaking up the similarity of the majority of tracks on this project. Although the lyrics and song structure are relatively simplistic, that doesn’t stop the choruses of songs like Goldfish I from being incredibly sticky and bubbly. The only main detractors off of this project come from the lack of innovation and overall lack of variety in the track listing. Otherwise, this is a solid garage rock so check it out if you’re into that.


Sounds Like: 
Nirvana (Bleach)
Sounds Like: 
Car Seat Headrest
Sounds Like: 
The Buttertones
Sounds Like: 
The Doors
Recommended Tracks: 
1. Dead Aliens (4:25)
3. Everybody Thinks They Know (But No One Really Knows) catchy chorus
7. Goldfish I dynamic song that combines garage rock with synths and a cowbell
Michael Jepson
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