Concert Date: 
Thu, 03/08/2018
Age Restriction: 
The Van Buren

BROCKHAMPTON is a group of 15 individuals that started in the big city of San Marcos Texas. The group was founded by rapper Kevin Abstract and they officially formed in late 2015. Over the course of two years, BROCKHAMPTON has produced an absurd amount of content. What really put this “boy band” on the map though was the creation of the “saturation trilogy”. Over the course of 6 months, BROCKHAMPTON produced three full-length studio albums. This is an amazing feat for any rap group, but the fact that each album was consistently good is insane. If you haven’t checked out any of the “saturation”, I highly recommend you do. Well with all of that out of the way, let’s talk about this concert.


When my friends and I pulled up to The Van Buren, we saw a mass of humanity filling up the venues mid-sized parking lot. I knew BROCKHAMPTON was on the come up, but I didn’t expect these many people to be here. Many fans were dressed up in the signature orange jumpsuits and painted blue, really giving off the vibe that this fan base is hardcore and dedicated.


The show was supposed to begin at 9:00 PM, but like every good concert, they came out fashionably late. Forty minutes later, the restless crowd began chanting their name, “BROCKHAMPTON! BROCKHAMPTON! BROCKHAMPTON!” by the third or fourth chant the lights dimmed and the crowd began to scream. The back of the crowd charged, pushing everybody forward. The speakers then began to blare the beat of “BOOGIE” and the rap group ran onto the stage and Abstract began rapping his heart out. Now if you know BROCKHAMPTON then you know how hype this song is. Everyone began moshing and my body was thrown in every direction. I could already tell this was about to be a high energy show.


Since the saturation trilogy was released so close together, they had a ton of content to work with and perform for the crowd. This sounds like it was a good thing, but I think that this aspect was the weaker part of the show. For example, when they began to rap “SWEET” the whole crowd began singing along to Joba’s part with quirky voices and full energy. As soon as their lesser-known song “STUPID” came on, the crowd began to awkwardly mumble the lyrics. Kevin threw his mic towards the audience and asked the crowd to repeat the hook. Eventually, the crowd caught on to the lyrics, but it was a bit awkward watching him struggle to get the response in which he wanted us to give him.


About halfway through the show, the member Bearface showed off his singing and guitar talent playing the song “SUMMER”. It was a great change of pace and gave the concert a more relaxed vibe as everyone began to sway left and right slowly. As the concert went on they played their most popular song “BLEACH” and this time when Abstract stuck his mic to the crowd to sing the hook, he got a better response. Everyone sang along as Kevin kept telling the audience to repeat the lyrics more and more quietly each time. Finally, the crowd was singing in a whisper and honestly, it was really pretty sounding. I felt very connected to the crowd at that moment which is always a great feeling during concerts.


The last song of the show was the song “HEAT” which is mostly rapped by Ameer Vann. This song is angry as hell and before they began singing, Kevin asked people to form in a circle around a single person, implying that some serious moshing was about to begin. Sure enough, heat was delivered (dad joke). The vocals were sung with anger and hatred. The crowd was so intense that my feet were lifted off the floor. It was pure insanity, but it was a fantastic way to end an energetic show. By the end, I was drenched in sweat and amped on life.


This group of guys have a ton of heart and it really showed in this concert. You can tell that they really love their fans and they do not take them for granted at all. Every song that they performed sounded exactly how it does on radio. I went to this concert expecting it to be really good, but I came out amazed and liking BROCKHAMPTON even more. If I could rate this concert, I would give it a 9/10. It was an awesome experience and if you are a rap fan/ in Tucson over the summer, check their show at the Rialto on June 15th.


Mike Chase