Diet Cig

Diet Cig
Great Grandpa
The Spook School
Concert Date: 
Mon, 02/19/2018
Age Restriction: 
Club Congress

This lineup is what dreams are made of (thank you Lizzie McGuire for that), an all-inclusive, diverse array of wonderful people and wonderful music. The show started off with The Spook School, a queer band I had never heard of, all the way from Scotland. They got on stage and I immediately loved their sound. It is a mix of punk and fun. They have the most exuberant drummer I have ever seen! He was singing and dancing as much as he could while sitting down. They have a song named “Burn Masculinity” which is on mug they sell but it says burn masculini-tea which is such a fun merch item. The song is super dancy, fun and tru. Their songs also touch on gender issues, relationships and just growing up. They are an up and coming band so if you have a chance to see them, I highly recommend!


The second band was Great Grandpa. I had seen them before when they were on their run with Citizen so I knew what to expect but that didn’t make me less surprised to see how raw their performances are. The singer, Alex, pours her energy into her performance and you can see it physically manifesting in her body. At times she kind of stretches and it catches you off guard. At one point she went into the crowd to sing and then laid down on stage. They are from Seattle, WA and that can be heard in their songs. The vocals are gritty but dreamy, its punk but indie rock thus meshing into something special. They have a song called “Fade” which has really cool guitars and just a classic kick drum beat, that is my favorite song.

For the finale, my favorite duo, Diet Cig features the glitter QUEEN, Alex Luciano, and mermaid believer, Noah Bowman. I remember the first time seeing them perform was at a Front Bottoms show, where they opened and I was in awe of their set. Alex is the most jumpy, whimsical, fun front women you can have. She makes the show really interactive and fun. All the bands expressed how the show was a designated safe space, teaching the meaning of consent and letting everyone have their own space. Most of the songs they played were off of their newest record, Swear I am Good at This, which is an INCREDIBLE album, aside what Pitchfork says. It is a feminist album talking about the music scene despairing amount of spotlighted female artist and how male-centric it is. I just really appreciate them talking about important tops and representing people who are not as visible in the music scene. Overall it’s just about female empowerment which is SICKKKK and I’m all for it!!! If you have an opportunity to see them, please do!


Javi Perez