Calf of the Sacred Cow

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self produced
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    This album has a strong sense of garage punk rebellion. This London Ladies rocking out the house with boots and neo-spiritual witch tendencies. Partners in crime both in music and life. Named after the toxic trails in the sky “Chemtrails” as an album tracing the listeners mind with grungy yet pleasant female vocals over a rift raft of banging noise, mostly punk, mostly rock, as well as that in home garage feel which is partly because it was in fact recorded in a living room. I recommend this album if you like the attributes listed above but I do have a small flag of criticism to wave. The entirety of the album kind seems to come from the same place. By this I mean I listened to the album while driving across New Mexico, and even after letting the whole album loop two times, there wasn’t a lot of distinction between the songs. It was good, but I think better recording would do them well. 

The combination of tangy guitar and organ allow for an overal unique sound. All Music had this to say about the release; "Throughout, its lyrics reflect high levels of perceptiveness, jadedness, and gumption, delivering rhymes like "heroin" and "hero in" with a wink and an eyeroll" As transgender women this album also peeks into the unmasked world of acceptence, the gory holes of our current and historical abandonment of certain unique people and this album provides the ears it's sweet sweet revenge in a brutal, honest, and satirically comedic way. Check it out, I'm sure you will love it. 

Sounds Like: 
Rip it Off
Sounds Like: 
All I Wanna Do
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05 Lizard Empire
10 Ghosts of My Dead Cat
Ellery Page
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