Soccer Mommy
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Fat Possum
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Soccer Mommy aka Sophie Allison, first album  “Clean” is an INCREDIBLE collection of songs that can resonate with anyone. The album centers around relationships but she does it in an empowering way, taking herself back from a relationship where she wasn’t valued. This record sounds like love, comfortable, warm, exciting but lyrically is the exact opposite. It is confusion, pondering and saying a big fuck you but also sorry.  There is just too much variety in this album that you are bound to like something. Each song is so musically unique. There are songs like “Your Dog” which is fast-paced, riff-centered power anthem about not being objectified in a relationship but then there are songs like Blossom (Wasting All my Time) which is soft, acoustic song questioning love. When I saw her live she said she should have thought about having to retune her guitar after every song, which is a good point but these songs are worth it! Also, I just want to emphasize how incredible "Your Dog" is, opening with the lyric, "I don't want to be your fucking dog, that you drag around, a collar on my neck, tied to a pole, leave me in the freezing cold." It is an absolutely genius song and I wish I wrote it. This album is already getting a lot of exposure and I am sooo excited for her and this album! It's already on my top releases of 2018 so please listen to this record, it's so good!

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Emily Yacina
Sounds Like: 
Hazel English
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Your Dog: INCREDIBLE riff in the beginning and the lyrics are so good/catchy
Still Clean: so pretty, her voice dips really beautifully in the melody
Javi Perez
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