Old School - Single

Josie Dunne
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"Shows up when he said he would with flowers in his hand, chivalry ain't dead / While everybody seems to be looking at a phone screen, he's looking at me" sings aspiring singer-songwriter Josie Dunne on her new single "Old School". Billboard Magazine recently wrote an article about the 21-year old upcoming artist, a sweet artist who combines the catchiness of modern pop music with the soul of motown inspired R&B. On her debut single "Old School", Dunne showcases a kind of sweetness and pure picture of love that can be hard to find. The motown influence is prevalent on this single, and is a breath of fresh air in the world of pop music right now. There's also a beautiful music that accompanies the song, which stars Dunne's parents in it. The video shows the story of her parents marriage, who have a one-letter difference in their names, were born five days a part, were baptized next to each other, and have now been married for 28 years. The video helps you realize that Dunne has a knack for storytelling, all while conjuring one of the catchiest songs I have heard in a while. If you need a short, fun song to play on your show, definitely play "Old School"! 

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Sounds Like: 
Dua Lipa
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Janelle Monáe
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1. Old School - Sweet and catchy pop music fused with the soul of Motown. So fun!
Roy Santa Cruz
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