10 Times Out of 10

Amy Guess
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Styff Records
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"10 Times Out of 10" is clinically poppy. The synth instrumentals and the wobbling electric additions immediately remind me of Cascada's 2007 hit, "Every Time We Touch." This album would work well as the basis for a plethora of remixes because a lot of the elements of an RPM remix are already there. I hesitated between alt and RPM when categorizing Amy Guess, but the necessities of alternative are all already here in this album: poppy, upbeat, lyrics tuned for the top 40 countdown. 

Looking on Guess' website, I wonder if our copy of this CD differs from that which she is currently promoting. The tracklist differs drastically and the order of the songs that are shared between the two versions are sparsed by those that are not. I am typically not a consumer of this kind of generic pop, but I liked the titular song. "10 Times Out of 10" is the first track and is available on Spotify (unlike several of the other songs on the album; if you plan to play this album on your show, you'll need to either download it to your computer or use the CD player). The winding lyrics go well the swirling 80s-reminiscent instrumentals and it's easy to dance to. Play this on your show if you like Charlee Remitz or throwback tracks.


Sounds Like: 
Watered-down Zella Day
Sounds Like: 
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1. 10 Times Out of Ten
2. Think of Me: synth, early 2000s, bubbly
Hannah Isaac
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