"What's It Gonna Take" - Single

Chrome Sparks
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Future Classic, Caroline Distribution
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The beginning of this track begins high energy and sounds like the love child of soft 80's synth pop rock and the opening instrumentation of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy". The beat drops and Angelica Bess's vocals flood in, triggering an increase in tempo and a fresh inclusion of R&B vibes sonically; before an upbeat instrumental breakdown. The lyrics and brief, simple, and repetitive, but perfectly match the playfully melodic beat as well as Angelica's sweetly soulful voice. The track channels both 80's synth party vibes and upbeat 90's workout beats, making it very much reminiscent of a backing track for a scene in an 80's cult classic film.

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Angelica Bess
Sounds Like: 
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What's It Gonna Take (****)
Kiara Johnson
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