Soccer Mommy and Phoebe Bridgers

Soccer Mommy
Phoebe Bridgers
Concert Date: 
Tue, 02/06/2018
Age Restriction: 
191 Toole Toole

I would like to shout out Spotify’s “on tour” feature that let me know Soccer Mommy was coming to Tucson or else I would have missed the show!

Soccer Mommy is the project of Sophie Allison, from Nashville, Tennessee. She has been releasing music since 2015 on Bandcamp and has been creating her following since then. I have to give the biggest applause to Soccer Mommy, touring with all of their equipment in a SUBARU OUTBACK!!I truly thought that wasn’t possible but they pull it off with such poise. Most of the crowd was there to see Phoebe Bridgers but they welcomed Soccer Mommy with open arms and really embraced the bedroom-pop set. She played a few singles out from her upcoming album, Clean, being put out by Possum Records. One of those songs being, Your Dog, which is an incredible, brilliant song about women not being a possession in a relationship (or at least that is my interpretation). During the show, she stripped it back, with just her and her guitar. It was chilling and soothing at the same time. I can’t wait for the full album to come out.

Next up, was what mostly everyone came to see, Phoebe Bridgers. I had only heard a couple of her songs before attending the show so I didn’t know what to expect. This was one of the weirdest crowds I’d ever seen, there was every age group from teens, twenty-somethings, moms and pops all cheering her on. Since the venue was relatively small, it allowed for intimacy between the crowd and her. They kept asking her questions about how her brother was doing or if she remembers meeting them (which how could she??). The banter resembled a family gathering when you haven’t seen your distinct cousins for a while and you just try to ask questions but you’re not that close so the conversation is very surface level, but it was just too interesting to see. I didn’t realize most of her songs are very acoustic, soft and angelic, contrasting with the lyrical content of the songs which are heavy and intimate songs. You could tell that everyone at the show was present and truly excited to see her play. Her and her band did an amazing job of setting the somber mood. They came back for a heartbreaking encore where they all laid on the floor, while Phoebe sang sitting down. Their second encore was one of the more happier, upbeat songs where they had giant balloons being tossed around the crowded and towards the end, they all popped, layering everyone with pieces of confetti.

In all, it was such a great intimate show. Both of the acts are growing in popularity and I can’t wait to see where they will go!





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