hippo campus winter tour 2018

hippo campus
sure sure
Concert Date: 
Sat, 01/27/2018
Age Restriction: 
The Van Buren

Hippo Campus, alternative rock group from Minnesota, is arguably one of my favorite bands that I have seen live. I originally heard about them my junior year in high school from a friend who had an extra ticket to one of their shows. I hadn’t listened to much of their stuff prior to going to that concert in 2016, however I trusted my friends taste in music and went with him. I was blown away by the bands catchy, ethereal yet punchy alt sound, and following that concert I went home and listened to their entire discography.

            Flash-forward two year, and Hippo Campus has added to their catalog with their first full-length album (Landmark, 2017) and another EP (warm glow, 2017) while also growing significantly in popularity. I was excited to see a band that I love grow in popularity and talking to the some of the other concert goers, there seemed to be a healthy mix of fans both new and old. The venue, the Van Buren, was packed when I arrived.

            Opening for Hippo Campus was Sure Sure. I was unfamiliar with their material prior to the concert, so on the drive up to Phoenix I plowed through their album and was neutral on their sound. Nothing really stuck out to me, but overall a pleasant experience. Same can be said about their live performance. They had solid stage presence and sounded good live, although nothing to really write home about.

            Shortly after Sure Sure finished their set, Hippo Campus came on stage and the Van Buren lit up. Lead singer, Jake Luppen, came out wearing a Jimmy Butler jersey; reppin’ his hometown NBA team, Minnesota Timberwolves. Once Hippo Campus began their set, I was reminded of how great they are live. The combination of their on-stage bravado, lighting, and a healthy mix of songs from across their entire discography made this concert fantastic. Personal highlights during the show included the live performance of their song “warm glow” as well as the bands trumpeter DeCarlo Jackson, who was electric and captivating throughout the entire show. Overall, I had an excellent experience and can’t wait to see them again.


Michael Jepson