Honey- EP

Louis The Child and Whethan
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Louis the Child and Whethan
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The Honey EP, a collaboration between Louis the Child and Whethan is super sweet. The EP has six tracks- all completely instrumental. Billboard described them as ‘zippery’ and I think that is pretty accurate. All of the songs are very feel-good, but not in a cheesy way. The bass is not house, but the songs are not super crazy club-like either. They are perfect for anytime honestly. I never really could get into EDM without lyrics, but this stuff I can jam to. My favorites would be “Chop it Up” and “Drip Drip”. These two are funky. “Chop it Up” has some synth saxophone and neat percussion. “Drip Drip” has a really cool bass drop, it feels like you are walking through jell-O. Honestly these songs are great because no two sound too similar. The tracks flit from one beat to the next, keeping the energy up but are light to listen to. 

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San Holo
Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
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Chop It Up: cool synth saxophone and neat percussion
Drip Drip: really funky bass drop
Grace Penry
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